Day 100/100 Challenge Complete!

Day 100/100!!!

This challenge was a great motivator for me and the accountability of posting (almost) daily was just what I needed to keep me focused.

I realized I Love mandalas and creating daily is therapeutic for me.

I’ll be starting a new challenge after Christmas and it will be 30 days of junk journaling.

I Love the IDEA of junk journaling and have more ephemera and tools than any person needs to create them. I’ve been collecting for years but for some reason haven’t been able to complete one.

This 30 day challenge is how I’ll finally decide whether it’s for me or not.

If it’s not I can start getting rid of my collections

Day 98/100 Mandala Shading

The goal is to complete this by day 100.

I can’t believe a hundred days is almost up!

The next big decision is what color/colors to use.


Day 97/100 Christmas Baking!

And family time! I always wish I took more photos – of the big kids too! This little one steals the show 🤭

Gluten free baking.

The sugar cookies turned out great.

The chocolate chip were pretty good – Kali approved.

The shortbread – dry! Flavor wasn’t bad but like a desert in your mouth.

Yes desert – not dessert.

Day 91/100 Mandala in Progress

A few years ago I was drawing mandalas a lot and was enjoying it.

Then I stopped.

I don’t know why but that’s my M.O.

As I get better at something I get bored with it and move onto something else. Only to return to it later and have to go through the learning curve again.

I wonder if this is a common trait with creatives?

Days 89 & 90/100 Mandala and Meal


Only two colors!

It was difficult at first but once I got in the groove sticking to purple as the main color was fun.

I didn’t always get the look I was going for but really enjoyed the process!

I’m sharing a picture of the potato skin dinner since I can’t share the Christmas present I worked on yesterday.

Potato skins

They were delicious!

Triple baked – 1st the whole potato – 2nd the cut potatoes brushed with olive oil – 3rd with the toppings.

We used bacon, green peppers and cheese on half and taco meat, peppers and cheese on the other – So Good!

Day 85 & 86/100 of Creativity Challenge

Yesterday I was able to get a couple of little birds sewn – there’s also a little Christmas present I was working on today but can’t share it yet.

Today I worked on the surprise and took a few photos of the frosty grass this morning.

I like how the grass looks with the Instagram photo editing.